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Lesser Gods


From the gods who sit in grandeur,

   grace comes somehow violent. 



The tree was old, but not as old as the soldier lying at its roots.

Your Uncle Martin and I were twins.

Then he saw it. The Deer. The Deer Man. The ungodly Deer Thing standing beside an old oak tree. 

It was her fourteenth birthday and she was pretty sure she was going to have a baby.


Afternoon. Deep afternoon. Long afternoon. Too deep. Too long.

Cold Hard Type


Typewritten stories anthologized by

                 Loose Dog Press 

When she saw the typewriter, she knew there had been a mistake.

He woke, and when he woke, as always, he woke hungry.

Two days ago Kieran disappeared.

A Hell of a Deal* 

The devil drained his glass and licked his lips. “That was delicious,” he said.

*See below

Port Kittanning


Tales of an Uncanny City

In Port Kittanning there lived a very old woman named Pearl.

Coming Soon....

A Hell of a Deal 

Meander was already tired of this conversation. “Is there any way I can get you to go away?” he asked.

Three to Make Ready 

It was winter, and I had just turned nine.

Totally Free Stories 


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Today Desiree and I came to Willows Whiten.